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About Artek

Artek Ltd. is a private owned company based in Slovenia, Europe. Our main program is wholesale of sport shooting and hunting ammunition, reloading equipment and componentes.





What we do

Artek Ltd. offiers the best products from the most trusted names in sport and hunting equipment.

Trading with us

As a representative of arms and ammunition for companies with the likes of Lapua, SK, Federal, CCI, etc…, Artek has aquired the necessary licenses to sell all types of arms and ammunition to the civil and military market!

  • Civil and military ammunition.
  • Civil and military arms.
  • Reloading equipment.
  • Reloading componentes.
  • Services.

Our goal is to give the customers the top of the line products for whatever field they’re into!


Artek offers hunters and shooters more information about the reloading of different types of ammunition. We offer potentional buyers advice on the best arms for their hunting or target shooting needs.

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ARTEK d.o.o., Cankarjeva ulica 10, 3272 Rimske Toplice, Slovenia