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About us

Artek Ltd. is a private owned company based in Slovenia, Europe. Our main program is wholesale of sport shooting and hunting ammunition, reloading equipment and componentes.

Artek Ltd. offers the best products from the most trusted names in sport and hunting equipment. From the high quality ammunition Federal and CCI to the most reliable reloading equipment of RCBS. We have the best sport and hunting bullets from Federal, Speer, Sierra and Nosler, as well as the highest precision primers CCI & Federal.

  • Over 40 years combined experience
  • Unsurpassed knowledge
  • A trustworthy partner

Our goal is to give our customers the top of the line products for whatever field they're into. That is why we are constantly adding the best new products to our selling program.


Our bread and butter is ammunition. Thru the years Artek has established itself as a reilable partner of various sport shooting clubs, retail shops and other individuals that require top of the line ammo. If you're looking for Federal, CCI, Speer or Aguila ammunition do not hesitate to contact us! Please note that some export restrictions may apply!


In our arms "department" we have focused more to sport shooting rifles for sport shooting purposes.

Bullets & Cases

For decades now, Artek is supplying reloading componentes to various customers. From the retail shops to the individuals and also to shooting clubs in our region.

Reloading Equipment

Reloading is more than just a hobby and that is why it's important that every reloader has the necessary equipment to produce the ammunition he will enjoy using it. In our wholesale program, we're offering you a complete RCBS program. From the top of the line press like Rock Chucker Supreme to the Gold medal dies and to the accessories you need, RCBS can offer you all!



Just a peek of what we do! For more information, please use our contact form!

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Federal Ammunition

Most popular Sport & hunting ammunition!

Aguila Ammunition

Ammunition that your guns will downright devour, from Latin America’s foremost producers.

CCI Ammunition

Amazing accuracy at an afordable price!

Federal bullets

A wide selection of top hunting bullets!

Speer bullets

Amazing accuracy and penetration!

Sierra bullets

One of the most recognizable sport and hunting bullets!

SHM cases

Top quality brass in all popular calibers!

Federal cases

Top quality brass for your hunting needs!

CCI primers

Top quality primers for your sport and hunting needs!

Federal primers

Top quality primers for your sport and hunting needs!


To quality sport rifles


Get yourself a Walther!


Amazing performances and top Swiss quality!


Another top Swiss quality!


Yet another top Swiss quality!



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+386 3 734 60 78